Memorial Weekend, Day 2, Evening

Posted by MNAngler On May - 25 - 2009

tn2_DSC00012Species: Smallmouth Bass
Size: 13″
Lure used: white pearl super fluke

13" smallmouth bassSpecies: Smallmouth Bass
Size: 13″
Lure used: white pearl super fluke

Date: 5/23/2009
Time: 7-10pm
Body of water: Poplar Lake
Location: Gunflint Trail, 30 mi North of Grand Marais, MN
Weather Conditions: calm and clear

In the evening, Ken and I went down to an area we call “Walleye alley.” It’s where Ken has caught a lot of walleye over the years and where I caught my biggest walleye, a 24-incher.

But this night we weren’t going to be so lucky. We went up and down the shore several times trolling with lazy ike flat fish. There wasn’t so much as a nibble for more than an hour.

On the last pass, I opted to go to my magic lure, the super fluke. I did my casts toward shore while Ken kept using his lazy ike. We got down to an area where the shore makes an elbow and that’s where I got two hits.

The first was a 13″ smallie that was as fat as the one I caught in the afternoon (as you can see by the picture), maybe even fatter. Having felt guilty about the eggs earlier in the day, I opted to throw her back so I could catch her future generations.

The second was also a 13″ smallie, but not as fat. I kept her and it turned out she also had eggs, but not as many. It’s quite a bit colder up in the arrowhead of Minnesota, so the spawning was a bit later than the rest of the state.

We tried some rocks coming out of walleye alley, but there was no more action for the night. The catches made my total 5 fish in two days. Not too bad.

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