Mayfly Hatch

Posted by MNAngler On August - 8 - 2009

20" smallmouth bassSpecies: Smallmouth Bass
Size: 21″
Lure used: 6″ grape lizard

Date: 6/30/2007
Time: sunset
Body of water: Poplar Lake
Location: Gunflint Trail
Weather Conditions: [don’t remember]

This is the story of how I caught my largest smallmouth bass.

Ken and I were fishing the bay in front of our favorite fishing hole. It was late June and the mayflies were hatching all around us. Because of it, fish were biting like crazy, but they weren’t hitting us. I remember using a white pearl super fluke for a while, but that wasn’t producing, so I switched to the lizard.

6" purple lizardI cast to the South shore of the bay and landed one of the beauties above. I couldn’t believe how huge it was when I saw it. I was so excited. Especially since I was with Ken and got to have bragging rights.

It was getting dark and we knew we’d be going in soon. We did a final few casts and then Ken got a strike. He landed it and I was stunned that it was pretty much the same size. I couldn’t believe it.

After all the measuring was done, Ken’s turned out to be a smidge bigger. By a 1/4″. So all my thunder was stolen. At least I had a nice fish to show for it.

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  1. LarryB says:

    Well that’s a real chunky pair of small jawed bass that you and buddy Ken landed, there buddy. What did Ken’s bass bite? Congrats on yer successful day! 🙂 lb

  2. NewRiverBass says:

    That’s a nice set of smallmouth’s you caught.

  3. Beautiful bass and classic story. I will love hearing word from Minnesota. Growing up in New Jersey–I used to hear a LOT from Fishing Facts magazine and Al Linder, etc.

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