Couldn’t Let MN-NonAngler Continue into June

Posted by MNAngler On June - 1 - 2012

After going out to dinner with my family last night and thinking about my post, I decided that I couldn’t let it get into June without wetting a line.

When we got home, we took care of a couple of yard items and with about an hour of daylight left, I decided some time fishing was better than no time fishing.

I grabbed my gear and darted out to a lake about 5 minutes away. I had fished the lake on a couple of different occasions, but never from shore.

There were a couple of guys on the fishing pier and as I approached I heard a roaring sound. There was a waterfall under the pier–on a lake. I had never noticed that before. Someday I’m going to have to investigate why it was there and where the water goes.

The fishing pier isn’t far from a swimming beach, so I didn’t think there was enough structure for fish to hang about. I walked further down the shore away from the beach to see if anything looked promising. More sandy bottom with no structure.

About 100 yards on the other side of the beach was a boat landing. Between the beach and the boat landing were some bushes on the shore that looked promising. I found a niche in the bushes and used that as my base for the night.

I threw a bubble gum fluke (of course), a watermelon jig and pig, horny toad, and scum frog. No signs of life. I was only out for about a half hour before I decided to pack it in.

I didn’t really expect to catch anything since the shore that was accessible generally has a lot of activity. But it was nice to actually toss out a line. When I’m away from fishing for so long, I forget why I enjoy it so much. The quietness, the fresh air, and the anticipation of the strike. I resolved to come back Saturday with float tube in hand.

4 Responses to “Couldn’t Let MN-NonAngler Continue into June”

  1. Natalie Lam says:

    Cool. The solitude and the peacefulness actually sound very inviting. Hope you catch some the next time!

  2. Abby says:

    Hi !
    I am not telling you anything new when I say “it’s not about the fish”, my friend… >»»D
    Try again ! 😀
    Have a nice summer and see ya soon.

  3. Dan@aquafire says:

    Glad to see you got out fishing!

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