Outing #3

Posted by MNAngler On June - 14 - 2012

I was talking to my neighbor, Steve, last Saturday when he said he was going fishing the next day. I asked him if he wanted some company and while my other neighbor, Rob, was going to be on the boat, he kindly allowed me to tag along.

We got on the lake at about 7:30am. I ended up in the middle of the boat. Given that my boatmates walleye fishermen using lindy rigs and I cast for bass, my position was a little more difficult than I would have liked, but since I invited myself along, I didn’t want to raise a stink about it.

In the 3 hours we were out, Steve caught 2 Northern, one of which probably broke the 30″ barrier (we didn’t measure it). Rob caught a Northern of his own, had one come off the line, and had a third big strike where the line was chomped off. The one that came off the line jumped mid-way in and while Rob thought it was a Northern, to me it looked like a nice sized bass.

The guys gave me two of the fish (we let the big one go) so that my wife and I could make our annual batch of Pickled Northern for the neighborhood Christmas party.

For the third outing in a row, I came away with nothing. When you’re lindy rigging, you tend to avoid weed patches, which is exactly where a bass fisherman wants to be, so my goal was incompatible with the rest of the boat. My rod wasn’t set up for lindy rigging and I didn’t bring any of my spoons to at least target what was biting, so I was at a distinct disadvantage.

Still, it was a beautiful, sunny day out (which is probably why the walleye weren’t biting) and Steve and Rob are cool guys to hang out with. Next time I’ll be sure to bring a rod to match the goal of the rest of the boat.

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  1. Angler Gang says:

    Beats workin right? lol good post man.

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