Hump Day Outings

Posted by MNAngler On July - 13 - 2013

After the great outing we had on Tuesday, I had high hopes for the rest of the week.

On Wednesday morning, I headed out to Kloek Channel and landed a 12″ smallie on my second cast on a white super fluke. A few casts later, I hooked into another one but when it got near the boat, it spit out my hook and also left a trail of regurgitated crayfish behind.

12" smallmouth bass

Near the end of the morning, I switched to a green wacky worm and tossed it near the opening of the channel where I once caught an 17-incher. On the first cast, I felt a weight, but was gunshy because I had dropped the lure into some brush and didn’t want to get hung up. On the very next cast, I felt another weight, but paused before setting the hook and this time the hook came back empty. On the third cast, I felt yet another weight. I didn’t hesitate this time and sure enough, I got snagged. The interesting thing is that when I got to the lure to get it loose, it wasn’t just hooked on a branch, it was looped around a couple of branches. Did a fish run circles around the branch that quickly?

Fish induced snag?

Wednesday night, Ken, George, and I headed back to Walleye Alley. The success of the night before kept us on the East end, but this time we actually ran the alley.

We started at a bay at the West end. Not long after we got there, George had a fish on a white super fluke. He got it all the way to the boat before he lost it. Ken and I didn’t see it, but George said it was big.

Just outside the bay, I was using a wacky worm and on one cast I thought I saw my line tighten up slightly, but I wasn’t sure if that was due to the movement of the boat or not. When I finally decided to set the hook, I felt a little weight at the end of the line, but it quickly disappeared. Ken commented on how the fish really took it, so I guess my eyes didn’t deceive me. I need to remember to trust my instincts next time.

Mid-way down the alley, George hooked into a fish and we were all surprised when it turned out to be a 12″ walleye. We’ve caught walleye on a fluke before, but it doesn’t happen that often.

George's 12" walleye

I tried lindy rigging with a night crawler for a while and I might have felt one light bite at one time, but I wasn’t completely sure. I gave up on it when we got to the East end of the alley.

As the sun went down, the topwater action started happening again like the night before. We all tried taking advantage of it, but produced nothing.

It wasn’t a great day, but we added a few more fish to the fish fry.

Week tally:
MNAngler: Smallmouth bass: 8
George: Smallmouth bass: 1, Walleye: 1, Northern: 1
Ken: Northern: 1

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