Quiet Independence Day

Posted by MNAngler On July - 16 - 2013

On a day ripe with American celebration, I hoped for fireworks both on and off the water. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans.

Thursday morning, July 4th, I found George on the three season porch as I was headed out to the boat. I asked him if he wanted to join me and he said yes. We headed out to Kloek Channel and were out for about an hour and a half. The only thing we were able to land was one 12-incher on a white super fluke. The funny thing was, it was a walleye. I felt a little resistance on retrieve and set the hook just in case.

12" walleye

That night, Ken, George, April, and I headed to Rush Creek Bay. We eased into the bay and while casting at the spot I caught my personal best smallie, I got a nibble on a green wacky worm, but couldn’t hook into it.

We worked our way into the bay and got our pontoon stuck while trying to hit the hole just in front of the creek. George got some hits on his white fluke, but couldn’t set his hook into any of them. I wasn’t able to get any interest.

Once we got loose, I got another tap on the wacky worm on the northern shore, but again couldn’t set my hook on it.

We went around the corner to the bay next door and tried our luck without much interest from the water residents. About 20 minutes in, April noticed some cool streaks in the clouds. Not more than a minute later, we heard thunder. Ken put the canopy up and a few minutes later it started to rain. As the rain started to intensify, Ken called it and we reeled in and tried to outrun the rain home. It started pouring halfway there and we were all pretty wet by the time we walked into the cabin.

The bummer was, not only did the rain make us come in early, but it washed out the local fireworks as well.

Week tally:
MNAngler: Smallmouth bass: 8, Walleye: 1
George: Smallmouth bass: 1, Walleye: 1, Northern: 1
Ken: Northern: 1

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