What is a Pudgy Pie?

Posted by MNAngler On September - 12 - 2009

A pudgy pie is a “pie” made in a campfire. The recipe is simple:

Two slices of bread
Filling of your choice
Pudgy pie iron
Non-stick spray

Spray both sides of the pudgy pie iron with non-stick spray. Put one slice of bread on once side of the pudgy pie iron. Add filling. Put other slice of bread on top of filling and first slice of bread. Put pudgy pie iron together and close. Put pudgy pie iron into fire until bread is toasted on both sides.

Pudgy Pie Iron

Pudgy Pie Iron

A “classic” pudgy pie uses canned apple pie filling to make an apple pie not unlike what you get from a popular fast food restaurant, only it’s square and doesn’t have slits. Cherry pie filling is also popular. Another classic is a pizza pudgy using pizza sauce, cheese, and your choice of “toppings.” But recently, I’ve learned that possibilities are endless.

At our recent annual neighborhood camping trip, we had pudgy tacos for dinner. Replace the slices of bread with a tortilla, add taco filling, and fold over the sides of the tortilla before closing the pudgy pie iron. It worked very well. Kind of like a flattened toasted taco you can get from a taco fast food chain. I was very impressed.

Then one morning, one of the guys took it to a new level. He created a breakfast pudgy that included eggs, bacon, a chunk of kielbasa sausage, and maple syrup. He used pancakes as the “crust.” We were all in awe. He’s the only one that tasted it, but we took his word for it that it was superb. What else could it have been? I now call him the Pudgy Master.

So what does all this have to do with fishing? Well, nothing. But you’ll see why I’m spending this time describing a pudgy pie when you read my next post.

Stay tuned…

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  1. Optimista says:

    Sigh. The next post had better have photos of pudgy pies! 😀

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