Winter Open Water Fishing II

Posted by MNAngler On January - 17 - 2010

The open water fishing article I posted earlier this week reminded me of a segment I saw on Minnesota Bound last weekend. The host, Ron Schara, introduced a story about Nelson Lake in North Dakota.

The lake is used by Minnkota Power to cool its turbines. The water is then returned to the lake at a balmy 62 degrees, so it stays open water all winter long.

It looks like a fun place to try to fish some day, especially since it’s known as a largemouth bass lake. It would be kind of weird to be casting in full winter gear, but when you’re catching fish, there is nothing wrong with weird.

To view this segment, visit the January 10th episode page at The segment starts at timestamp 11:25 and continues to 15:45.


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