Christmas in April

Posted by MNAngler On April - 30 - 2010

Thanks to a blog contest put on by The Hunter’s Wife last month, I got to experience the Christmas Spirit in March. I waited and waited for a sale that finally came this week. So the Spirit continued into April.

The sale I waited for was for a particular rod and reel combo, but when I went to buy it, I determined that it wasn’t really the quality I wanted. After struggling with new choices and discovering that I really couldn’t spend what I wanted to, I decided to scale back my ambitions and augment what I already had.

So instead of getting a completely new rod and reel setup, I opted to upgrade the rod my brother paired with the Daiwa Megaforce baitcast reel he gave me for Christmas. Since I am new at baitcasting, a good friend of mine recommended that I use this reel for the summer before investing in a new, better baitcaster. That advice stuck with me through my research period and I finally listened.

I settled in on a St. Croix rod because I never had the opportunity to own a “top shelf” rod before. But since I really only had enough credit to get a Triumph, Mojo Bass, or Premier, I inquired about the difference between them. The advice I got was that I should really purchase an Avid instead. While I would have loved to do that, my budget wouldn’t allow me to go very much over my gift card/store credit/coupon limit. It’s this same consideration that caused me not to buy the baitcast reel. So I got the next best thing. I bought this beauty:

It’s a 7 ft medium fast action Premier. I’m very happy with my purchase and am looking forward to finally spooling up my new baitcast reel and working out all kinds of bird nests in my backyard before taking it up to the Gunflint Trail later this summer.

Maybe I can pull in a few lunkers to extend the Christmas Spirit into May.

6 Responses to “Christmas in April”

  1. Wolfy says:

    You did good. I have a ton of rods, including Avids, Legend Tournaments, and a lot of others, but my Go-To rod for bass is my Premier 6’6″ M. I think you’ll love it

  2. Mel says:

    Nice rod. I am convinced that St. Croix products are special. Great quality for the price. Happy hook ups on your new outfit.

  3. MNAngler says:

    Thanx for the vote of confidence, guys.

    I actually ended up paying $10 out of my pocket for the rod. When I got home my wife said, “$10? At Target you could have gotten a stick AND a twirly thing for $10.” (She’s actually not that ignorant about fishing. She just likes to have fun with me.)

  4. So glad to see you found something you like. ENJOY!!!

  5. […] point out that I was using a Shimano Voltaeus medium action fast rod. I should have pulled out my new St. Croix Premier to see if I could feel the bottom and detect bites more easily. I also forgot to bring out my jigs […]

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