Year in Review: 2010

Posted by MNAngler On December - 31 - 2010

This year was very good to me, fishing-wise. Here are some of my 2010 stats courtesy of Fish Swami:

2010 Stat Summary


I said at the beginning of the year that if I accomplished 6 of my goals for the year, I would consider it a successful year. That implies that it would be an unsuccessful year if I accomplished less than 6.

  • Fish 40 days out of the year (only 39)
  • Have patience to try new lures and new techniques
  • Start float tubing
  • Catch an average of 1.5 fish per day
  • Catch an 18″ Smallmouth Bass
  • Catch an 18″ Largemouth Bass
  • Catch a 30″ Northern Pike
  • Catch a 20″ Walleye (one at 19″)
  • Catch a 32″ Muskie
  • Catch a keeper ice Walleye or ice Northern
  • Qualify to be a Master Angler in Minnesota

As you can see, I only accomplished 4 of my 11 goals for 2010 (close with another 2), but I did not have an unsuccessful year by any means. I got so much more just by going after these fish. I had some great adventures and learned a lot.

I didn’t have any goals specifically for my blog in 2010, but it has exceeded my every expectation. I broke new traffic records 6 months out of the year (this month being my best yet) and my overall traffic septupled (7x) over 2009 (although, I started in late June last year). The best part was that I became part of an amazing on-line outdoor blogging community. For those of you that are regular (or semi-regular) readers, thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read my blatherings.

My 2010 goals were all about the size of fish I wanted to catch. My 2011 goals will be much different. How different? You’ll find out tomorrow.

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  2. BP says:

    That Fish Swami site looks interesting. Thanks for the tip.

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