More Worm Action

Posted by MNAngler On June - 29 - 2011

Sunday morning I once again got up a little after 6am to be on the lake on my float tube by 6:30.

This time I followed the Northern shore toward the channel only until the shore turned. The curve of the shore hid water beyond the curve from the morning sun and I didn’t think it was warming the water enough in that area for fish to want to congregate. I started with the Slurpie worm I had success with the morning before, but nothing bit on my first pass.

I then decided to switch to an orange and brown jig and pig. Instead of following the shore back, I pulled away from shore several hundred feet. The entire lake is littered with cabbage and we do land a lot of fish away from shore. Last year my brother caught a 17 incher in the area. I worked my way to the Eastern shore where I caught my fish on Saturday morning, but nothing was interested.

When I got to the East shore, I switched back to the Slurpie worm. I turned the corner where the shore forms a bay and got a bite while fishing the Northern shore, but I was too slow to set the hook. I tossed back in the same area and got another bite. Again, too slow.

I rethought my strategy and realized that I may actually be setting the hook too fast. I wasn’t obeying my own rule: wait for the weight.

I then came back down the East shore and about halfway between the bay and my dad’s place, I got another bite. I felt two ticks and waited. I again felt a couple of ticks and felt the fish start to run off with the worm. That’s when I set the hook. Fish on! It turned out to be this nice girl:

Species: Largemouth Bass
Size: 14″
Lure used: Slurpie plastic worm

I worked my way back to the bay and noticed a hole that was formed between some lily pads and an overhanging tree. My first cast landed in the lily pads and I was unsatisfied with where the lure landed, so I quickly reeled in and cast again. This time, I hit the target. Right in the hole. Sure enough, I got a hit. I waited for the weight and had a fish on. It felt nice and heavy. But she stopped fighting halfway to my tube and when I got the lure back, all I had was weeds.

That was the last action of the weekend. The weekend wasn’t as productive as I would have liked, but I caught some nice bucketmouths and had a great time with my son. I can’t complain.

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