Believe in the Pros

Posted by MNAngler On July - 10 - 2012

The morning after we arrived, I got up at 7am to see if Ken wanted to head out for an hour or two. He said he couldn’t, but got his fishing boat setup for me to go on my own.

I didn’t think I had much time, so I opted to stay close. I puttered my way via trolling motor to the West end of Kloek channel where I’ve previously had success. There always seems to be a couple of bass holding in the area.

In order to prevent a skunk, I started with my go-to lure in bubble gum. It paid off with 12″ and 13″ smallies within the first 15 minutes.

Species: Smallmouth bass
Size: 12″
Lure used: Bubble gum super fluke

Species: Smallmouth bass
Size: 13″
Lure used: Bubble gum super fluke

Having established a baseline, I decided to try a new lure. Last fall, I was awarded a grab bag from the Outdoor Blogger Network and pulled some plastics from it before my trip. Among them was a package of Strike King KVD Big Tex Ocho worms in coffee scent.

While the color seemed reasonable, the scent seemed a bit of a marketing ploy. But KVD had his name on them, so they had to be good, right?

I rigged the worm texas style and worked it around lilly pads and brush. In one spot near the shallow rocks, I thought I got a hit, but wasn’t sure. I then drifted near the opening of the channel and dropped the worm next to some lily pads. I got hit and hit hard, but when I sent to set the hook, the line broke! I guess KVD knows his stuff.

A few casts later, I feel another bump and broke the line again. I’m not sure if that bump was a log or a fish, but I was losing confidence in my knots. I opted to tie a palomar knot the third time around instead of the usual improved cinch knot.

I wasn’t able to test my new knot (til later) as I got another couple of hits with no results before I had to head in at about 9:30.

That afternoon, at about 3pm, after we had done some real work, most everyone decided to go swimming. I’m not much of a swimmer, so I pulled out my float tube and decided to try some casting. It was pretty bright and hot out, so I didn’t expect much.


I paddled my way across the bay against some pretty stiff Westerly wind. I dropped the KVD coffee worm in some shady areas with no takers.

I worked my way toward the inside of the bay and at one bend, I got a hit and landed this guy at about 13″:

Species: Smallmouth bass
Size: 13″
Lure used: Strike King KVD Big Tex Ocho worm in coffee scent, texas-rigged

That was the only action of the afternoon, but a nice surprise since I didn’t really expect anything.

Little did I know that the afternoon was just about to get better…

Week tally: Smallmouth bass: 4

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  1. Vince says:

    Why are you using the old belly boat I bought you? I thought you upgraded

    • MNAngler says:

      The old one you gave me takes up less room in the back of our car. When you’re traveling up there for a week, you need to save as much room as possible. Plus, I do like that one better in many ways. The new one is great, but bulky and heavy.

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