Dock Surprise, The Sequel

Posted by MNAngler On July - 14 - 2012

Thursday morning, Ken allowed us to sleep in and didn’t request that we be roofing until 8. We spent three hours on the roof and finished everything but the caps. Ken didn’t expect us to get nearly this far, so he was happy with our progress.

At about 2:30, nothing much was happening, so I decided to try casting off the pontoon at the end of the dock again. Since the dock bass seem to like the watermelon
Zoom Ultravibe Speed Craw
, I put that on my baitcaster to get some more casting practice.

The wind was coming out of the West at a pretty good clip and it took me a few casts and a few small bird nests to realize casting into the wind is not advisable.

On one cast (perpendicular to the wind), my line stopped mid-throw and my speed craw dropped about twenty feet in front of me. My line decided to explode. I spent some time pulling line out and when I finally got the line untangled in the reel, it decided to wrap around my reel handle. I spent another half a minute untangling that mess and when I was finally able to tighten the line, the line tugged back!

I instinctively set the hook and sure enough, I had a fish on the line. I had to get off the pontoon because the neighbors got in trouble with their boat and the wind and Ken had to go rescue them. When I finally landed my adversary, I ended up with a nice 15.5″ smallie:

Species: Smallmouth bass
Size: 15.5″
Lure used: Dead-sticking watermelon Zoom Ultra-vibe Speed Craw

A few more casts yielded no more action.

I had employed the dead-sticking technique before. In fact, I try to some measure of it in almost all of my casts. Typically, I try to distract myself for as long as I can after a cast, but I’m sure it a lure never sits than more than a few seconds. I don’t think I’ve never had a lure sit for that long before. It certainly seems to work if you can have the patience.

Week tally: Smallmouth bass: 9, Walleye 1 (Double digits!)

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