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Posted by MNAngler On April - 17 - 2013

While the recent weather hasn’t indicated that it is Spring, Mother Nature continues to show signs that it is on its way. The sun is showing itself a little more often, weather forecasters are predicting temps in the 50s (F) next week (we’ll ignore the snow predicted tonight), and Spring babies are starting to appear.

We saw proof of that last sign when a pair of bald eagles in Central Minnesota welcomed an eaglet to their home 75 feet in the air. The “birth” was broadcast on the Minnesota Bound Live Eagle Cam.

Here is the video of the little eaglet yesterday morning when it was just 13 hours old:

Link to video on YouTube: MNBound Eagles Harmony 13 Hours Old 4-16-13

The couple still has another one on the way and we are looking forward to seeing that one emerge from its shell. Videos are already being recorded of the pip, so it will probably appear in the next 24 hours.

This is the fourth couple to inhabit the perch in as many years and last year a drama unfolded. Last year’s residents also had a pair of chicks, but one the of chicks fell out of the nest. The other got his wing caught in the corner of the nest and became infected with maggots. The University of Minnesota Raptor Center rescued the chick at the urging of webcam viewers and returned it after a couple of days. It was unclear whether the parents would accept the chick back, but fortunately, they did.

Initially set up in 2010, the webcam is re-established each year by Broadband Corp. and provides insight to the mysterious life of bald eagles. In this age of viral videos, tweeting, and snapchatting, it’s nice to see technology being used to learn about our world and see something amazing.

One thing I learned is that bald eagle chicks eat whole chunks of meat. I thought all birds regurgitated their food for their chicks. See the feeding in a closeup video of dad feeding the little chick.

For more videos of the eagles, see the 989razzle YouTube channel. Dad has a black mark on his head and is banded.

UPDATE: 4/18 7:30am

The second eaglet has hatched!

Link to video on YouTube: MNBound Eagles 2nd Eaglet Has Hatched! 4-18-13

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