Ice Out Watch 2013

Posted by MNAngler On April - 28 - 2013

After a snow-crazy April, Spring came in like a lion. We went from 3″ of snow dropping on us on Monday (and 7″ the week before), to 70 degree temps 3 days in a row. With that, Spring made its presence known and Ice Out Watch 2013 can now begin in earnest.

Unlike last year when ice out took a matter of days across the state, this year, anglers are nervous about whether ice out would happen in time for Fishing Opener. A conversation with a resident of Park Rapids, MN yesterday revealed that they still have 38″ of ice under a foot of snow on some lakes just last week.

This year will be the latest ice out in recorded history. The images below show this year’s ice out map compared to a map showing the latest ice out dates recorded. As you can see, the blue area this year is nowhere near the record. The comparison is even more remarkable when you consider that last year, we broke records for the earliest ice out.


As always, you can track ice out at the Minnesota DNR Ice Out page. Will your lake still have ice on it during opener?

4 Responses to “Ice Out Watch 2013”

  1. argosgirl says:

    I would be beside myself if we still had ice! I hope you get open water soon. Being out in the boat and wading the rivers is such a nice break from the ice.

  2. MSPbass says:

    In a weird way, the ice has actually reduced my cabin fever this year. Usually, by this time, I’m chomping at the bit to get out there and cursing the damn MN DNR bass season big time. At least this way I’m not having to watch all the illegal fishing that’s usually going on by now. No one is out there and that has helped things 🙂

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