About Me

About Me

Posted by MNAngler

In my view, there are three types of fishermen: recreational, amateur, and pro. I sit between recreational and amateur, a little closer to amateur. I fished a lot as a kid, but put down my rod and reel in my later years of high school. Fifteen years later, I picked them up again and haven’t put them down since. I now mostly fish for smallmouth and largemouth bass, but also target walleye and muskie on occasion.

When I started fishing again in adulthood, I only fished a week or two out of the year. In the summer of 2009, I met some fellow anglers that allowed me to fish a lot more often. I had wanted to log my fishing experiences for years and it wasn’t until that summer that I decided it would be worthwhile to do with all the fishing I would be doing.

A lot of pro anglers have blogs, but I didn’t see many from a recreational/amateur point of view. I knew I would be learning a lot in the coming years and wanted to pass on my learning experiences to weekend fishermen who couldn’t afford $2000 fish finders or 10 fishing poles to keep in their $50,000 boats. The Journal of a Minnesota Angler was born.

I blog about my fishing adventures, but also try to give some tips and hints for the weekend angler. I’ll also post reviews when I see something us non-sponsored folk could find useful.

I would love to hear from you. Feel free to post a comment, or send me an email.