Last Hurrah

Posted by MNAngler On August - 1 - 2009

21" northern pikeSpecies: Northern Pike
Size: 21″
Lure used: white pearl super fluke

14" smallmouth bassSpecies: Smallmouth bass
Size: 14″
Lure used: white pearl super fluke

Date: 7/25/2009
Time: 8:30-10:00pm
Body of water: Poplar Lake
Location: Gunflint Trail
Weather Conditions: windy with storm clouds all around, felt sprinkles but never rained

This was our last night at the cabin. Since we still had some leeches, I thought I would try bottom bouncing at Walleye alley while Ken used a Lazy Ike flat fish. We went down (West) once, and up once. I had a weird tick at the East end and reacted by trying to set the hook, but it also could have been bottom. When we got to the end, I reeled in and my leech was gone. So that tick was most likely a fish.

I bottom bounced back with a new leech, but got no action. At the West end, I couldn’t stand it anymore and started casting with a white pearl super fluke. My first cast went over a large submerged rock and as the lure came back over it, I got hit by a little 8″ bass. Ken couldn’t believe I got hit on my very first cast.

We drifted East and about the area I found teeth marks on a fluke the other day, I got a hit. I found a 21″ Northern at the end of my line.

We continued East up the shore. Ken continued to troll while I continued to cast. In front of some big rocks on the shore, I got a strong hit, but reacted too slowly on my hook set and it was gone. We stopped trolling for me to try to get it to hit again, but it didn’t.

I got one more hit down the shore as the wind started to pick up while the sun was setting. We decided to head toward home, but would fish the North shore of Walleye Alley Island and Kloek Island instead of just motoring home. It was very quiet all the way back and when we got to the channel formed by Kloek Island and another unnamed island, I asked Ken to go in as I’ve had success there before. As we got there at about 9:30, I commented that I don’t think we’ve ever caught a fish when it was so dark. I could barely see the outline of my lure against the night sky.

Ken stopped trolling to watch me cast. I covered the Kloek Island side of the channel careful not to cast too far and hit the shore. Nothing. Ken turned the boat and pointed the flashlight at the other side of the channel briefly so he could know where it was for sure. A couple of casts later and I got a hit. It was a nice sized smallie. I raised my arms in victory! I had been after a nice smallie all week and finally got it. Ken made a joke that it must have been the flashlight that got its attention. This one turned out to be exactly 14″. I guess we didn’t have to go to Bearskin to complete our mission. Looking at the size of this bass, I reconsidered the one I missed at 16″ instead of 18″.

I decided that was a good last cast to end the week, so we headed home.

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