Pudgy Pie Extravaganza

Posted by MNAngler On September - 13 - 2009

So my Wild Game Feast story was a stretch to post for a fishing blog, but at least it had walleye on the menu. This time, I don’t even have that as a topical link. But read on, you won’t be sorry.

On the first weekend after the start of school, our neighborhood gets together for a weenie roast. This year we added a new dimension to it.

Ever since the Pudgy Master made his super breakfast pudgy pie, pudgy pies have been in the forefront of our minds at each neighborhood campfire. And since we were going to have a fire for the weenie roast, we decided the kids could have the “weenies” and the parents would do pudgy pies. And boy, did we.

We were set up for 38 people, half of them kids (more chairs were added later).

Pudgy setup

We had so many people, we had two fires going.

Double fires

But before I get into the main event, I thought I would whet your appetite by showing some stuffed jalapeño peppers that one of the wives made. They certainly did the trick for me.

Stuffed jalepeno peppers

Here was the table of pudgy pie goodness to come.

Ingredients table

Everybody was wondering what the Pudgy Master was going to do first. It turned out he had started marinating steak and chicken two days ago for this event. It was for making fajitas pudgy pies. Here was his first pudgy:

One tortilla
Marinated steak strips
Sautéed red and orange peppers

Fajitas Pudgy Pie

Then he folded it up.

Folding the fajitas pudgy pie, step 1

Folding the fajitas pudgy pie, step 2

And put the top on.

Putting the pudy pie iron together

Then put it in the fire. Notice one of the guys was cooking some onions and green peppers in beer in one side of another pudgy pie iron.

Pudgy pie iron in the fire

After a few minutes one each side, the pudgy looks perfectly toasted.

Toasted pudgy pie

The Pudgy Master then topped it off with cheese, sour cream, and salsa.

Completed fajitas pudgy pie

Here’s another fajitas pudgy pie that was more decked out. It included both chicken and steak, cheese, and the beer sautéed onions and green peppers above.

More decked out fajitas pudgy pie

We also had makings for reuben pudgy pies. I’m not one for sauerkraut, so I didn’t have one, but those that did said it was very good.

Rye bread
Corned beef
Thousand Island dressing

Reuben pudgy pie

And top off with swiss cheese before adding the second slice of rye bread.

Reuben pudgy pie with swiss cheese

Then toast to perfection.

Completed reuben pudgy pie

Note that if you don’t watch it, a pudgy pie will burn easily, as one of our rookies learned.

Burned pudgy pie

One of the neighbors also brought chili for chili pudgy pies.

Chili pudgy pie

Another chili pudgy pie

I also heard people were making pizza pudgy pies and grilled cheese.

For dessert, we had apple pie pudgies, but with cinnamon bread and caramel sauce (sorry, the picture didn’t turn out). And classic cherry pie pudgies.

A few neighbors were more adventurous. One of the wives developed a new variation on a s’more:

Graham cracker
Lemon meringue pie filling
Caramel sauce

S'more like pudgy pie

Top off with another graham cracker and another piece of bread.

I got to try this one and it was ok. It was a little too gooey for me with the marshmallow and chocolate. But I’m not much of a s’more person either. I like plain toasted marshmallows better.

This experiment went a bit awry (lemon meringue filling, marshmallow, and crumpled graham crackers):

Failed experimental dessert pudgy pie

It exploded out of the bread (too much marshmallow).

Exploded pudgy pie

It’s worth noting that one of the other neighbors made these donuts using sweet bread dough fried in hot Crisco shortening.

Fried sweet dough

Then topped them off with powdered sugar.


She called them “dots.” They were pretty good.

Everyone was stuffed to the gills by the end of the night. I had three and a half myself (two fajitas, one apple pie, and half a s’more). If it weren’t for being the caretaker of the fires, I probably would have burst from eating too much.

I can’t wait to see what the crew comes up with next time.

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