Review: Fitovers Sunglasses

Posted by MNAngler On October - 20 - 2009

Fitovers sunglasses

When I was a teenager, I always wore those black ray-ban like sunglasses, but the cheap versions because I always misplaced them. I could never understand my peers who bought $200 brand names.

In college, I discovered I needed prescription glasses, so I haven’t been able to wear those cheap sunglasses since. I couldn’t wear them with my glasses and I wasn’t allowed to drive without my prescription, so I have either had prescription sunglasses, or clip-ons.

Prescription sunglasses were fine, but kind of annoying to have to switch glasses, especially on those in between days. You know the kind. Too sunny for not having sunglasses, but not bright enough to keep them on all the time. Fortunately, because of the cost of them, I kept pretty close tabs on them, so I never misplaced them. But I didn’t like having to get a new pair every time I got a new pair of glasses every couple of years.

Then I switched to clip-ons, which were a lot cheaper, but annoying to put on at times. And almost impossible to put on with only one hand. Not to mention, easier to misplace than even the cheapo ray-bans.

That’s why I got really excited when I saw Fitovers.

nortonfitoversThe first time I tried them on, I had to have a pair. They fit over my prescription glasses and hugged my head perfectly. I liked them more than my clip-ons because clip-ons still let light leak in from the sides. They really only shade from the front. The Fitovers enclose my eyes completely, kind of like safety glasses, but aren’t solid on the sides. They have holes on the sides to still let light in. With them on, I reminded myself of Babe Winkelman.

The bonus is that the Fitovers are polarized. Perfect for fishing. In fact, I found my pair in TW’s Bait and Tackle in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I’ve worn them fishing twice and they are so comfortable, I forget that I have them on. At first, my nose was feeling itchy with the plastic touching it all the time, but that was more psychological than anything. Once I got focused on fishing, that was no longer a problem.

My only complaint is that the sunglasses feel a bit on the cheaply made side. Cheap plastic frames and cheap lenses that feel like they cost less than $5 to make. But considering I paid only $20 when I see them online, and in local stores for $50, I still consider them a good value.

[Disclosure: As mentioned above, I paid for my Fitovers myself and was not asked by anyone affiliated with Fitovers to write this review.]

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