Extreme Ice Fishing

Posted by MNAngler On February - 21 - 2010

As a rookie ice fisherman, I’ve been deferring to my more experienced friends to know when to walk on the ice, use a four-wheeler on the ice, or drive on the ice. If I were to ever go out alone, I would make sure I see a lot of people doing something on the ice before I ever did it.

A few days ago, I read an article titled “Extreme Ice Fishing” posted at the Minnesota Bound Outdoor Journal blog.

Travis, one of the Minnesota Bound editors, recounted a story of ice fishing on Lake Superior where ice 6 inches thick was rising and falling like waves. I wouldn’t have been able to handle ice moving a few centimeters, let alone a foot or two as Travis described.

The good part of the story is that he and his party walked away with some nice Lake Trout. But I don’t think I would go out in conditions like that even if I knew I would land a world record muskie.

Travis, man, you’re crazy.

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  1. BP says:

    I totally agree. Messing around on big water like that is a bad idea, but lots of idiots do it and have to get rescued.

  2. MNAngler says:

    This post was picked up by the Chicago Sun Times: http://bit.ly/ameHAQ

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