Internet Acronyms Redefined

Posted by MNAngler On March - 23 - 2010

Tami Curtis’s recent post got me thinking about Internet abbreviations/acronyms and what they might mean in the fishing world. Here’s what I came up with (with the real meanings in parentheses in case you didn’t know it):

BFF (best friends forever) – Bass Fisherman Forever
BRB (be right back) – Bass, Real Big!
BTW (by the way) – Bass, Trout, Walleye
FTW (for the win) – Fish The Walleye, Fly Tying Wizard
IDK (i don’t know) – I Dropped a Keeper
IMHO (in my humble opinion) – In Muskie Hunting Overdrive
K (ok) – Knots are very important when fishing
LOL (laugh out loud) – Lunker On Line
LMAO (laughing my ass off) – Lure Makers Are Original, Largemouth Are On
OMG (oh, my gosh/d) – One Mongo Giant
ROTFL (rolling on the floor laughing) – Reel On To Find Lunkers
TTYL (talk to you later) – Try Tightening Your Line
WTB (want to buy) – Wiggle The Bait
WTF (what the f***) – Want To Fish

And here’s a new one I’m inventing:

Flog – fishing blog

Here’s how some of the abbreviations might be used:

When I really WTF, I can get IMHO. I WTB and get a LOL that is OMG. Later, I’ll post a pic on my flog.

If I missed any common abbreviations, or if you have a better definition for one of those above, I’d love to see it. Leave a comment with your definition of common abbreviations. Better yet, use these abbreviations, or your own, in a story like the one I wrote.

[Author's note: The image above was taken from the Throwboy web site. They make pillows out of geek icons. They also make the chat pillows you see in the image. If you're a techie-geek like I am, I would recommend you check them out.]

8 Responses to “Internet Acronyms Redefined”

  1. bassdem says:

    Apparently “FLW” is shorthand for the word “Follow” on Twitter. Makes it confusing when I want to check up on anything going on with the FLW. Along the same lines, Follow Friday aka #FF and Fantasy Fishing can get confused easily.

  2. bassdem says:

    Oh, btw, love the Throwboy pillow plug there. Pretty sure only the tech folks recognize them. Big at SXSW. Leo Laporte even has a TWIT one now.

    • MNAngler says:

      Those Throwboy pillows are great. I saw the video where Roberto presented the TWiT pillow to Leo. That was cool. They are a bit on the pricey side, but I saw where Roberto is looking to get them made more cheaply overseas and will take the price down if he does. I might get one then. Although, I’m not sure my wife will let them in the house. :-)

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  4. Tami says:

    Hey thanks for the mention/link.

    BTW…where are your definitions of BFB? LOL

    Love the post…I’ll be having fun with this one in the near future!

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