Simpler is Better

Posted by MNAngler On June - 13 - 2010

I stumbled upon an article by Art Holden at the Daily Record via TBrinks’ blog post. It’s good advice that applies not just to fishing, but to most things in life:

Keep it simple


Stay with what you know

Too often we anglers jump on the latest lure or technology that the pros are using to make millions of dollars on the tournament scene. But if you’re not familiar with the lure or the technology, you might as well be throwing an empty hook into a swamp.

I’ve been criticized over the years for being one dimensional because I fish with a Zoom super fluke 90% of the time. But why wouldn’t I? I can consistently catch fish on it. I know how to fish it. And I know what it feels like when a fish hits it.

With that said, however, I am interested in trying out new lures and new techniques so when the bite gets tough on a super fluke, I have something else to fall back on. That’s why it’s great to see such a helpful blogging community who is willing to give advice when I ask for it.

We’re all here to learn something new. But don’t abandon what you know for the next greatest thing. Just because it works for one guy doesn’t mean it will work for you in your lake under your conditions. Take the time to understand the best places and situations for new lures and techniques before spending your hard earned money. Otherwise, it will be just another lure taking up space in your tackle box.

That reminds me. I need to open that eBay account…

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  1. Mel says:

    Your post is good and really makes too much sense. Unfortunately, I have been known to have a lot of “stuff” in my tackle box. As I have gotten older “Simpler, is so much better”.

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