By Yimminy!

Posted by MNAngler On December - 14 - 2010

When I asked my father-in-law if he had any good winter traveling stories to tell for the Outdoor Blogger Network/Sportsman Channel blog writing contest, he recounted several. I entered one (I didn’t win), recently wrote about another, but have saved the best for last.

When you’ve been a part of a community as long as my in-laws have been a part of the Gunflint Trail, you’re bound to hear stories. And some you’ll become a part of. They inevitably involve a few, if not just one, entertaining character. This is especially true on the Gunflint where only a few hundred residents live there on a full-time basis. Not surprising when you consider the winters. The inevitable character on the Gunflint was Carl Brandt, Sr, also known as “Old Man Brandt”. If you’ve read my other two posts, you’ll already know that he was a contributing character to both. This one is no different.

The year after my grandfather-in-law almost couldn’t start his car, he again came out of the cabin to the main road to check on his car. He happened to run into Old Man Brandt on a snowmobile coming down the road towing a sled behind him. Brandt and his wife, Alis, were immigrants from Sweden, so he had a thick Swedish accent and the conversation went something like this:

“Hi, Carl.”

“Hiya, Ken. How ‘er ya?”


The conversation continued as Ken came to hear that Carl had been ice fishing that morning and was heading home with his haul. But during the conversation, Ken noticed Carl was using the word, “we.” So he asked…

“Carl, I noticed that you keep saying, ‘we.'”

“Ya. Me and Alis…” Carl turned to the sled behind him and was taken aback. “By yimminy! She done fell off dat der sled!”

But he didn’t miss a beat and kept talking about his day. A few more minutes pass by and Ken asks, “So aren’t you worried? Aren’t you going to go back and get Alis?”

“Ah, she’s fine. She knows I’ll git hungry and go back and git her.”

The conversation continued another ten minutes before it finally came to a conclusion.

“Wellp. I better go git Alis. Seeya later, Ken.”

“See ya, Carl.”

And he turned around and drove off.

Grandpa wasn’t sure what happened after that, but the next day he saw both Carl and Alis at their lodge and she looked fine. He guessed that Carl found her exactly where he expected to.

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  1. Mel says:

    That story is really funny in its own crazy way. Some folks are just different, aren’t they?

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