Ice Fishing in a Blizzard

Posted by MNAngler On February - 20 - 2011

The local weathermen were all in a tizzy the past few days because they were predicting a storm to rival the one that hit us last Dec 11. By 1:30pm, the snow was supposed to be coming down in full force, but it wasn’t snowing that heavily. It was just windy. The snow was falling sideways. But that wasn’t going to deter us true Minnesotans from venturing out to try to catch us some fish. My 3 neighbors and I went out to Lake Owasso for the afternoon to see if we could land some walleyes.

When we got there, the snow was blowing from the North, so we parked our two trucks back to back and used them as a wind break. We were looking for a point under the water, but another pair had taken the spot. We set up a few hundred feet South of them.

Steve drilled 7 holes and we got Steve’s Quickfish 6 shelter popped-up and staked down over them. We were fishing in no time. Of the 7 lines in the water, 6 of them had minnows. The 7th was mine and I had a pole tipped with the euro larva I had left over from my last outing.


My three compadres all had their own Vexilars and were watching fish come and go. But I was the first to catch a fish. I landed a mini-perch.

We spent the next three hours jigging and I would land two more perch of the same size while missing about 9 bites on my line. My minnow bobber bounced about quite a bit, but it never went under.

Rob was getting the most action on his white jighead with pink plastic grub tipped with a minnow. He missed probably 6-8 bites, but couldn’t land any of them. Mark landed a perch, but Steve was the only one to land the target species. He got two 8″ walleye.

The wind was howling outside and even pushed in a wall at one point, but we were pretty comfortable in Steve’s shelter. We had heaters and Steve even made up some bean soup for all of us. We didn’t come away with any keeper fish, but we still had fun.

4 Responses to “Ice Fishing in a Blizzard”

  1. kmurray says:

    Ah, for the love of ice fishing! You’re perch looks like the ones I’ve been seeing but always better then gettin’ skunked! Glad you got out and had fun.

  2. Mel says:

    I agree with Kari. Even on tough snowy, windy days a little action is better than none at all. Bean soup inside that ice hut had to be nice!

  3. Aren’t you used to all that snow? Obviously a blizzard doesn’t stop you guys. Nice perch!

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