Third Time is Not the Charm

Posted by MNAngler On June - 2 - 2011

On day 2 of Memorial Weekend, I opted to go to a lake I’ve been told has a lot of large bass. My friend’s grandmother was the sole resident on the lake for many years. I’ve fished it twice before and have yet to catch a fish on it.

I wasn’t as gung ho as the day before and didn’t get on the lake until after 9am. I brought my tube along as the lake didn’t have the same restrictions as the previous lake.

I was surprised to see a full parking lot when I arrived. I was even more surprised to see that the water level was a good foot or two higher than last year, turning the beach that was there last year into lake bottom.

Just to the right of the boat launch, there is usually a thick forest of lily pads. And it had already started to fill in. I decided to concentrate my time there.

In my 2+ hours on the water, I threw a scum frog, power worm, bluegill swim jig, bubble gum super fluke, and different jigs with trailers. I only got one or two nibbles. But the best bait of the day was a texas-rigged Slurpie worm. I got ticked on about 70% of the casts with the thing, but was never able to hook into any interested parties. The fish were definitely hiding in the lily pads, but I couldn’t get them to bite with any firm commitment.

That makes three skunks in a row for this lake. It’s catch and release only for largemouth bass, so I’m sure there are some lunkers in there. I just need to find its pattern.

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