Wind Fishing

Posted by MNAngler On December - 30 - 2011

Surprise! I’m writing a post! Better yet. I went fishing!

Yes, after four months of not touching a rod (except to put them away for the winter), I actually got out and baited a hook. Vince was in town for Christmas and we hit the ice the day after the holiday.

It was a bit of a risk because it’s been unseasonably warm so far this winter. We’ve had multitudes of day above freezing and many of the larger lakes have thin ice, and even open water. Check out the story about the ice anglers that ended up on a large ice raft to see what I mean.

Vince and I hit a local lake that had a bunch of other ice anglers on it, so we were comfortable that it had safe ice. It turned out to be 5-6″. Quite thin for this time of year. You could hear the ice cracking at times.


The thing that really kept us on our toes, though, was the wind. It took us twice as long as normal to set up Vince’s shelter and we had to stake down two sides to keep the wind from pushing them in. You can see in one of the pics below how the wind was bowing the pipe supports. The last pic shows how much our shelter stakes struggled to keep our shelter down.


We wouldn’t have gone out at all except this was Vince’s last day in town and he had driven all his ice fishing gear up from Boulder. He wasn’t going to be denied.

We got on the ice at about 10am and all was quiet (fishing-wise) for about an hour and a half. Vince’s fish finder was showing very little signs of life. There were some fish on the bottom and we could entice them up a few feet, but they weren’t interested in the minnows, maggots, or spikes we were presenting.

At about 11:00, I had realized I needed some pictures, so I stepped outside. The wind had seemed to pick up since we got there. It must have been going 30-40 MPH because I could hold my hands out and pretend I was wind sailing. The lack of snow left allowed my boots to double as skates. I couldn’t help but laugh at my inability to get around.

At about 11:30, blips finally started to show up on the graph. First a couple, then more, and then even more. The graph was almost solid color between 6 and 12 feet. Vince started to get some ticks. So did I. But none of them would take the bait. Vince had stuck with maggots the whole time, and I had given up on minnows and switched to spikes. But the fish would have nothing of it.

Finally, after about 20 minutes, I managed to hook one. And what I pulled out surprised both of us.

It was a shiner! We were fishing for bait! I didn’t even know that was possible.

A few minutes later, Vince pulled up a small perch.

That was promising–for a moment. Vince’s next 3 fish were shiners. He got one more small perch before finishing with another shiner. The four fish I was able to land were all shiners. Ten fish and only two perch in the bunch. Not bad numbers-wise, but not the species we had hoped for.

We packed up a little before 1:00 and gave our leftover minnows to a group nearby. The outing was fun–and entertaining, but disappointing. Still, I can’t complain about bonding time with family.

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  1. Natalie says:

    Those were really little guys!!!
    Yeah, at least good bonding time!!

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