Supplying a Fish Fry

Posted by MNAngler On June - 30 - 2012

Last Saturday, during a neighborhood bonfire, Mark suggested we do a fish fry. I arrived late and by the time I got there, the plans were in full force.

Mark, Steve, Rob, and I decided we would try to add to the fish fry by trying our luck Sunday morning. We made an appointment for 6:30.

I got up a little early and Mark and I headed out first. We got on the water about 15 minutes ahead of Steve and Rob. We first headed to a new spot (at least to me) on a familiar lake. Unlike our previous outing, Mark had an extra lindy rig set up that he let me use.

Steve was first on the board with a small bass. Rob was next with another small bass. Then I felt a hit on my line. I let the line out, waited, waited, then set the hook. Fish on! In my few trips that focused on lindy rigging, this was a rare occurrence, so I did my best to keep my adversary on the line. I pulled in this nice addition to the fish fry.

Steve made a comment that something was weird with the universe because the walleye fishermen were catching bass and the bass fisherman was catching walleye.

Over the next hour and a half or so, I got hits every few minutes. I pulled in two, but missed a lot of others. I lost count at 9. As you can see from the photo on the left below, I had several close calls.


I felt a lot of different kinds of hits. Some tell-tale walleye bites, others more mysterious. A tap-tap-tap yielded the catch on the right above. One time, all I felt was a weight on the line. I closed my bail as I followed the line drifting away and when I set the hook, everything went limp. As I suspected, when I reeled up, my whole rig was gone. All that was left was an empty line. I was disappointed since it felt like a good one.

Not more than a few minutes later, Rob pulled out a 17″ walleye. Once he and Steve got it off his hook, Steve looked in his mouth and found a leech, a hook, a banana weight and a swivel. Rob caught my fish! We couldn’t believe it! He said he bit the same way, just a weight on the line.

At about 9am, the bite stopped. We made our way to another part of the lake, but the action never picked back up. When we were down to three leeches, I let Mark have them while I started casting for bass. The only action I got was a bump on a white spinnerbait that I wasn’t fast enough to react to.

We left the lake at about 10:30 with two walleye and three bass, including a 16″ that Mark caught. Mark filleted up the ‘eyes, but I took the bass home with me. Mrs. MNAngler recently bought an electric smoker from a garage sale and we wanted to try to smoke them. They turned out fantastic! I’m sure you’ll read about the process in a future post.

The fish fry turned out great and we were all stuffed in the end. Now we have to restock the coffers for our fish fry at our annual camping trip in August. I’m sure the four of us will be out again really soon since we had such a successful day.

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