Slump After the Rain

Posted by MNAngler On July - 16 - 2012

On our last day, we had planned to get started on the caps for the roof, but the weather forecast was about 4 hours off. It wasn’t supposed to start raining until 1:00pm, but it started raining at 9:00am. That put a damper on roofing and fishing. It was a light rain, but enough that it was able keep us off the roof and the lake.

The other annoyance was that it was on and off. At one point in the morning, the ladies had convinced Ken and I to go fishing during a lull, but as soon as we started gathering our gear, it started to rain heavier. Later in the morning and the afternoon, when it quit, my wife’s sister (George’s wife) and I planned to hit the roof to do caps, but just as we started getting dressed, it started to rain again. Mother Nature was toying with us.

Finally, at about 3:00, we went up there anyway. The rain finally quit for good at about 4:00 and we made quick work of the caps, finishing at around 5:00.

At about 6:00, just before dinner, I tried casting off the dock for about a half hour, but got nothing.

After dinner, at about 7:30, George, Ken, and I headed to Voyager’s Bay. Ken wasn’t sure we would get anything given the rain, but you can’t give up a fishing opportunity while you are at the cabin.

I was now after some keeper Northern to fill our pickled northern coffers. I started with a white super fluke, but so did my fellow anglers. After getting nothing, I let Ken and George land the Northerns while I went back to the KVD coffee worm and George switched to his topwater prop. Neither switch helped.

There is almost always fish in that bay, so the rain must have turned them off. Or Ken jinxed us with his earlier comment.

We puttered around the point to another small bay on the North side. There, George dropped his topwater right in front of a short dock and got a hit. He fought it for a few seconds before it got off.

It was then that I coached him on his hook setting. George is a gentle soul, so he doesn’t like to hurt any living creatures. Unfortunately, that yields a lot of fish escapes. After showing him how he should set a hook, he then understood he needed to, as he put it, try to rip the fish’s head off. Now he got it.

By the time we got to the end of the bay, I dropped a wacky worm in the middle of it and got a small 10″ smallie. At least I avoided a skunk.

Species: Smallmouth bass
Size: 10″
Lure used: Wacky rigged watermelon worm

More time went by and we were all getting impatient, so we headed to the bay at the end of walleye alley. I tried a bubble gum fluke and KVD coffee worm, but got nothing. I switched back to a wacky worm and got a hit on one my lifts. But when I pulled it in, I had foul hooked a 12″ walleye under its gill. I guess it was an unfortunate passer-by. My conscience wouldn’t let me count it in my week’s tally.

We then went down walleye alley where I threw a bubble gum fluke. No bites.

As it was getting dark, we stopped in at Kloek Channel. There I threw a KVD coffee worm, but still no bites before we ran from the skeeters.

The next morning, I made a run to Kloek Channel with Ken’s fishing boat. The only bite I got was a 10″ smallie on a bubble gum fluke.

The week didn’t end on a very good note, but the total week was pretty impressive:

Week tally – Final: Smallmouth bass: 14, Walleye: 1, Northern Pike: 1

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