Review : Mystery Tackle Box #2

Posted by MNAngler On September - 18 - 2012

This post is a review for the second Mystery Tackle Box I received in September, 2012. See my Mystery Tackle Box review post for a full review of the service.

When I first registered for the Mystery Tackle Box with their super duper promo, I hadn’t intended to continue the service after the first month. However, after receiving the first box, I was impressed enough to give it another month, even at full price. I was not disappointed.

The first Mystery Tackle Box was good, but didn’t get me terribly excited. That’s mainly because I’m mostly a finesse fisherman. I liked the hooks and Rage Tail, but I only use spinnerbaits and buzzbaits on occasion and rarely pick up a hard crankbait. Don’t get me wrong. What was delivered to me were good products, but half were just not what I typically use.

But this month, I got really excited. It’s like it was custom made for me and my finesse fishing colleagues. Here’s what was in Mystery Tackle Box #2:

My brother introduced me to jig and pig fishing a few years ago and I’ve had various levels of success with it. I’m always open to trying new jigs and trailers, though. The Strike King jig in my package is in green pumpkin, my favorite lure color. The Raptor Tail Chunk is intended to be the trailer for the jig and they matched the jig color with a green pumpkin chunk. This is another great example of how Mystery Tackle Box pays attention to the little details.

I’m especially excited about the wacky hooks. Having been wacky rig fishing for a few years now, I can go through worms pretty quickly. I’ve been wanting to buy some o-rings to protect my plastic worms, but have not been able to find them at local tackle shops. These hooks take jigheads in a different direction and are a cool concept.

The ChatterFrog is the only non-finesse lure in the bunch. It is an interesting jig-buzzbait combo and I am looking forward to seeing its action and how well it works.

This was a very good Mystery Tackle Box geared toward finesse anglers. I especially appreciate that Mystery Tackle Box includes baits and tackle that work together. Including wacky rig hooks without worms or screw hooks without frogs (from last month) would make the service much less appealing. As I mentioned in my review of the service, the folks at Mystery Tackle Box really think through the details and it shows.

Do I stick with it another month? I don’t know yet. Part of the decision will be based on my discussion with Mrs. MNAngler. I found myself anxiously awaiting this month’s arrival after I got notice of it being shipped. It might be hard to give up. Especially if the lures are this good every month.

[Disclaimer: This Mystery Tackle Box arrived in my mailbox on its own when I decided not to cancel the service. My credit card was charged automagically on the first of the month. I have no relationship, sponsorship or otherwise, to Mystery Tackle Box or its founders.]

3 Responses to “Review : Mystery Tackle Box #2”

  1. MSPbass says:

    Not too shabby. I’m liking the Xcite baits. I fish a lot of Chatterbaits, but the micro is pretty small for me. Not sure about those Wacky hooks though. I really like the weedless wacky “ball” jigs; a la Zappu Inchi. But that Sick Stick on it might be a deadly combo. Don’t forget to let us know how they do.

    You can get a bag of O rings on eBay for very cheap, btw. Like a bag of 50-100 for $3-5.

    • MNAngler says:

      Thanx for the tip on the weedless wacky balls. They look interesting, too.

      I’ve not had good luck with last month’s box, but fishing has been tough in general. Trying some out tonight, so hope to have fun stuff to report later this week.

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