Mystery Tackle Box #3

Posted by MNAngler On October - 31 - 2012

This post is a review for the third Mystery Tackle Box I received in October, 2012. See my Mystery Tackle Box review post for a full review of the service.

On this last day of October, I figured I better get my review of my October Mystery Tackle Box out before the month changes over. I apologize for being a bit late with this review. I received my latest Mystery Tackle Box while I was on vacation and have been busy catching up on work and housework ever since.

Once again, Mystery Tackle Box didn’t disappoint. In late September, they threw a little teaser on Facebook that they would be including 10 (yes, 10) lures in their October box. I knew I had to keep my subscription at least one more month because of it, if only to find out how the hec they were going to get 10 lures into their tiny box. Well, they did it.

Here’s what was in Mystery Tackle Box #3:

  • Plastics by Bruiser Baits
    • 10″ Curly Tail
    • Crazy Craw
    • Diamond Tail
    • Kickin’ Frog
    • Rad Shad
    • Super Swimmer
    • The Avenger
    • The Intruder
  • The Bruiser Bullet by Bruiser Baits
  • Plasma Point Hooks by Reaction Strike

As they did in September, Mystery Tackle Box catered to the finesse fisherman. My brother turned my into a finesse angler by introducing me to float tubes and jigs, so these baits were once again right up my alley. The variety was fabulous with 8 different shapes and colors of plastics. As usual, they included hooks so you could try them out immediately and the bullet weights were a great way to introduce anglers to texas rigging if they weren’t already familiar with it.

I noticed, however, that the packages of plastics delivered were not full packages. They only had 2-3 lures each, not 8-10 like a commercial package. In general, I think this was a good move on Mystery Tackle Box’s part because this gives anglers more lures that they can try out. They can see which they like best and order more. While it’s nice to have a full package of lures, having fewer of more kinds improves variety, gets more lures out there for manufacturers, and improves Mystery Tackle Box’s bottom line when anglers order more. I wish they all had at least three lures, though. Some of them only had 2 lures and that felt like they were skimping out.

I’ve been very happy with my 3 months of service with Mystery Tackle Box. Unfortunately, as I mentioned in my original review, the price is beyond what I can sustain for too long. I suspended my subscription for November, so this will be my last review of the service (unless someone generously donates a month to me).

Mystery Tackle Box is a great service and they do a great job of delivering quality baits each month. I would recommend it to any bass angler, even for just one month. It’s well worth a one or two month trial. For this bass fisherman, however, more than that didn’t make fiscal sense.

[Disclaimer: This Mystery Tackle Box arrived in my mailbox on its own when I decided not to cancel the service. My credit card was charged automagically on the first of the month. I have no relationship, sponsorship or otherwise, to Mystery Tackle Box or its founders.]

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