Virtual Derby Results

Posted by MNAngler On January - 9 - 2013

As much as I’m into fishing, I don’t really get into the pro tournaments. I don’t follow the pro anglers or the tours. As such, I don’t fish tournaments myself. Fishing is an enjoyable recreational activity for me and I don’t know that I could take the pressure.

However, the folks in the blogosphere have taken it upon themselves to have virtual tournaments throughout the year. The WalleyeGuy has his Walleyepalooza Fishing Derby and aquaFire Fishing started a fishing contest this year. The most notable virtual tournament (at least in my eyes), is Bass Pundit’s annual Minnesocold Bass Bloggers Derby.

In 2011, I only landed one fish that qualified for the Minnesocold Derby bag, but in 2012, I was able to fill my bag! I still have a lot of learning to do to really compete against the rest of the participants, but I was very excited that I got five qualifying fish. Here is how I filled my bag this year:

19.75″ (4.80 lbs)

18.50″ (3.90lbs)

18.00″ (3.6lbs)

17.00″ Smallie (3.00lbs)

17.00″ Smallie (3.00 lbs)

Total: 18.30 lbs!

I typically only measure the lengths of my fish, so the weights were based on BP’s length to weight conversions. I need to start carrying a scale with me because some of my fish were pretty thick.

I kind of got lucky this year, because I got my three biggest fish on one fishing trip with Mark. We found the hot spot and were nailing them for a good few hours.

This year, I have two goals: fill the Minnesocold Derby bag on my own, and break the 20 lb mark. I think I know where to find fish and have sound techniques. However, I think I need to learn on how to better adapt to conditions to present the right lure at the right time.

5 Responses to “Virtual Derby Results”

  1. MSPbass says:

    Dude, you got to get a scale. That top fish is a brute! You could have broke the 5lb. mark with that one. What do other folks think?

    • Jeremy says:

      Definitely need a scale! He was a tank for sure.

      I got the kind with the pinchers that grab the fish by the jaw after having the type that you either have to hang the fish by the gill or poke a hole through the bottom jaw… They can be expensive though, I paid roughly $40 for mine from TW. The money’s worth it though, especially if you plan on releasing your catch, the later scale can make a mess out of the fish and you, I don’t recommend that type at all.

  2. Rhett Hickert says:

    Those are some nice bass. Definately a good year.

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