Chandeleiring Ice

Posted by MNAngler On May - 2 - 2013

Sometimes Mother Nature creates contradictions that some might call an oxymoron. A common example of this is known as a sun-shower (rain while it the sun is shining). A happy consequence of such an occurrence is a rainbow. If you’re lucky, you might see a double rainbow.

This past weekend, with the sudden change in temperature, it seems Winter and Spring collided and produced a different kind of oxymoron: 70 degree temperatures with ice still on local lakes. The consequence of this contradiction resulted in an amazing phenomenon that some call “chandeleiring ice.”

According to our local Meteorologist Jerrid Sebesta of KARE11, the remaining ice on lakes is very brittle due to the recent warm temperatures. At some point it reaches the state where ice first crystalizes and with limited space, it has nowhere to go but up and out.

Nature is full of all kinds of interesting phenomena and thanx to modern technology, all of us can share in rare wonders when a lucky person happens to run across them.

See the video at KARE11: Strange ‘chandeleiring ice’ phenomena unfolds at Medicine Lake

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