Posted by MNAngler On July - 27 - 2009

Date: 7/18/2009
Time: 11:30am-12:00pm
Body of water: Poplar Lake
Location: Gunflint Trail
Weather Conditions: overcast, choppy, Westerly breeze
Water temp: 61 degrees

Ken and I spent the morning getting the pontoon into the water and decided to take it for a spin. We grabbed a bunch of people for a joyride and headed to the other side of the lake. As we traveled the channel between Kloek Island and Young’s Island, I suggested we check out the Southern shore. The reason was that there’s a story that Al Lindner and his crew came out to Poplar Lake a number of years ago, fished that spot for a few hours, and disappeared. No one knows what, if anything, they caught.

We cruised to the shore that ends at another peninsula. We started at the Western end where the Lindner folks were and went East. We were about 200 ft off shore and fish started showing up on the fish finder in droves. They were all at 25-40 ft in 50 ft of water. I guess Al really knew what he was doing.

We decided we’d definitely have to come back to try to catch these fish later. It’s been documented that the DNR stocked Poplar with Lake Trout yearlings in 2005, but no one has ever caught one. We don’t ever see anyone fishing as deep as we saw this fish, so our guess is that these could be the missing Lake Trout. Or perhaps Walleye. We were later to find out that they were likely Northern Pike.

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