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Posted by MNAngler On August - 9 - 2009

Date: 8/8/2009
Time: 2-5pm
Body of water: Bald Eagle Lake
Location: White Bear Lake, MN
Weather Conditions: rain in the morning, afternoon sun, rain again after 4pm

I ran into Mark on the way out to look at the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler (I REALLY want one of those now). He said he tried to call me at about 9:30am to go fishing, but I never received his call. It turned out to be a good thing because it started pouring rain shortly thereafter. But he was interested in going out that afternoon. He wasn’t supposed to be around this weekend, so it was a nice surprise that I’d get to go out with him.

Fish are out in deeper water when it’s overcast and/or raining.

We were going to go to White Bear Lake, but it was a bit windy for Mark’s liking. We ended up at Bald Eagle Lake instead. We boated passed our usual walleye spot because the wind was blowing pretty hard. It was coming strong out of the ??? and creating a pretty good chop. We thought we would try some quieter spots so hopefully the wind would die down and we could lindey rig later.

We tried white pearl flukes off a small bay with lily pads and lots of weeds. The depth was only 2-4 ft. We couldn’t really get in to cast into the lily pads because it was so shallow and weedy. We followed shore and tried some docks. I got a hit at the last dock and found teeth marks on my bubble gum fluke that I had switched to. Because of the teeth marks, Mark thought it may have been a walleye.

We then went across the lake to some reeds and docks. We followed shore around a point to some lily pads. We saw a fish splash, but casting in the area wasn’t getting any interested from it. We motored to a nearby dock with some skiffs. Again, there were no bites, but I noted that would be a good spot on a sunny day. Lots of places for fish to hide.

We motored back around point to another part of the lake with more docks. On one cast, I saw bubbles by my lure as if a fish tried to strike, but missed. Mark said it was a nice bass. We went back to try to get it to hit again, but it was gone. We then decided to go deeper.

Mark's catchWe went out several hundred feet from shore and both used a deep diving fat rap. Mark gave me one of his to use that was black and white, Mark’s had a gold back. It had a lot of resistance, so it was hard to get used to with my medium-light rod. One cast the resistance felt more than usual and it turned out to be a small northern about 15″. It wiggled loose before we could boat it. A few casts later, Mark got a strike and a nice 14″ largemouth. It got quiet again so he went to lindey rigging while I cast a bit more. I also tried using a Rebel crayfish for a few casts because I didn’t like the resistance of the fat rap. While I got nothing, Mark got a 12″ largemouth and a 14″ walleye. Not to be left out, I then started lindey rigging. I ended up getting a decent size pumpkinseed sunfish while Mark got another 13″ bass.

It started to rain on us, but quit only after about 10 minutes. I kept getting hits, but I couldn’t hook any of them. One time I actually pulled up a rock! I couldn’t believe it. Mark got a lot of hits, too, including two that he lost completely. He guessed those were probably muskie. Two guys fishing not more than 300 ft from us caught a muskie while we watched. We later asked them how big it was and they said, “which one?” It turns out they caught two in a 10 minute span, one 40″ and the other 41″. Three on the day. That’s a pretty good day when you’re just going after muskie.

I, on the other hand, was not doing so well. I ended up going back to casting using a Texas rigged worm for a few minutes before we had to head in because of lightning.

A good day for Mark, but not so good for me. But the lesson for the day was that the fish were out in deeper water due to the overcast skies and rain. I remember Matt saying as much when I was out with him last week.

The other lesson I learned was not to forget what you have in your tackle box. I had been reading about wacky rigging senko worms this week and even bought some worms earlier in the afternoon so I could try it. On the way to the lake, I mentioned them to Mark and he said they are more of a finesse bait when you really know where the fish are. So I put it out of my head and completely forgot about them when I was out on the water. We knew we were on top of the fish when we were lindey rigging and I could have tried them since lindey rigging wasn’t working for me. At least Mark was able to pull them in.

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