Pier Fishing

Posted by MNAngler On August - 25 - 2009

While we were out crabbing this morning, my uncle, dad, brother, and cousins Chris and Julie went out to Nags Head pier to try their hand at fishing. They caught a few small Spot fish, but weren’t really happy about their experience. We seemed to have more fun crabbing.

Later that afternoon, my aunt and her family went out on an outing on their own. At about 4:00, she called and said she was out at the same pier as the group this morning and the fish were biting like crazy. I hung up the phone to tell my uncle (the one that went out in the morning), but neither of us were all that excited about it. But then she called again. Apparently someone caught a big fish and more people were catching them.

I had thought earlier, and still at this point that the bite would stop by the time we got there since it was a good 15-20 minute drive, but we thought we would try anyway. We gathered up the cousins and headed out there.

tn_DSCN2734When we got there, my aunt’s family was nowhere to be found. It turns out they were at a different pier! We decided to try fishing off our pier anyway, but over the hour we were there from about 5pm – 6pm, we only caught two little fish using bottom rigs and raw squid pieces for bait. My cousin did, however, catch a puffer fish. That was kinda cool. I was scared to touch it.

People around us were catching a lot of fish. Every few minutes, someone was hauling one out. But they were all being caught on Rapala like saltwater lures. I don’t think anyone caught anything off of live bait.

Me and a small croakerMy aunt caught about 6 fish off her pier over about 3 hours (they rented poles when they found out they were at a different pier).

We’re not sure if we’re going to go out to a pier again given it is $9/person/day. If you count the fact that we should buy some saltwater Raps, it doesn’t seem worth it.

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