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Posted by MNAngler On September - 1 - 2009

Mirage Pro Angler

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I’m in love.

I got a chance to try out the new Hobie Mirage Pro Angler tonight at a local lake. Our local dealer takes the entire Hobie line out to local lakes for people to try out. I was able to try the Mirage Pro Angler, the Mirage Outfitter, and Mirage Oasis.

I’m not a terribly good swimmer, so while I’m comfortable in a canoe, I’m always a little bit nervous when it gets tippy from activity or choppy waters. There was no such problem with the Pro Angler. At 38″ in width, it felt very stable. The lake was pretty choppy tonight and while the boat moved, I didn’t ever feel unstable. I even stood up on it and turned left and right. I could never have done that on a canoe.

I tried accessing the storage areas in the front and back and didn’t have much trouble. The front was easy, of course, and the behind the seat storage was a little awkward, but nothing unmanageable. Both are very large and have ample space to store anything you’ll ever need on a fishing outing.

Me on the Mirage Pro AnglerI love the fishing rod holders. They go horizontal toward the front bow on both sides of your seat. I like that they lay horizontal rather than standing vertical because then you don’t have to take them out of storage for travel. There are 3 rod holders on each side with enough room for poles at least 7ft long, which means that I’ll be buying some more rods right after I buy this boat.

The MirageDrive was a dream to use. You just move your feet back and forth and you can really pick up some speed. It was a very comfortable motion. I could tell I’d have to get in shape if I were to use the boat very much. Against the strong breeze tonight, I was starting to get winded. The downside to the pedals on the Pro Angler is that being only 5′ 6″ tall, the pedals had to be set at setting #2 for me (on a scale of 1-7; #1 being closest). Even then, I was slouching in the seat just a bit. That didn’t give much room for adjustment if I were to be out on a lake for an extended amount of time. I would see that I’d have to put a cushion at my back to help with that. That wouldn’t be a problem since the seat had a backrest. The seat was very comfortable.

A Happy Me on the Mirage Pro AnglerI have three very minor complaints about the Pro Angler. First is what I just described about the distance of the seat from the pedals. The second was that the rudder was a little hard to move. I don’t know if it was just the boat I was using or the mechanism. It was hard to move left and right at times. And there was no real indication of where the center was. So I wasn’t sure when the rudder was set to go straight. I had to keep making minor adjustments. The rudders on the Mirage Outfitter and Mirage Oasis were much easier to use.

My last complaint is about the MirageDrive itself. There’s no reverse. This isn’t a problem with recreational kayaks because you would never get yourself into a spot that would need reverse. But when you’re fishing, there are all kinds of nooks and crannies you could get into. Fish are always hiding in structure and not being able to back up could be a real issue. A paddle is included, however, so you could use that to back up if need be.

At a hull weight of 88 lbs (completely unloaded) and over 100 lbs with gear, I was a little concerned about whether I’d be able to get the Pro Angler on top of my car for transport. But I just noticed a video at the Hobie site that shows how easy it is to put the boat on top of a car. Plus, you can get wheels that fit in two holes behind the seat that would make it easy to haul once on the ground.

Overall, I still love the Mirage Pro Angler. I’d jump at one if I could afford it right now. Help me out by clicking on an ad. :-)

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  1. Dylan says:

    I cant wait to pick up my first Yak and get out on some of the local rivers :D such a calm fishing trip.

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  3. I just moved to Iowa from Phoenix and I don’t have a boat yet. This kayak may be a nice way to get into these shallow tight crappie spots my new neighbors have been telling me about.

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