The Poplar Lake Monster

Posted by MNAngler On October - 31 - 2009

[In honor of Halloween, I thought you might like to hear about a story among our family of a legend on the Gunflint Trail.]

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a young fisherman who caught his very first walleye in Poplar Lake. He was very excited, but he caught it late in the evening and by the time he got back, it was too dark to clean it. He left it on a stringer tied to the dock.

The next morning, at about 7am, he and his father-in-law decided to go fishing again. As the two walked by shore, the walleye was splashing like crazy and even hitting the bottom of the pontoon that was also tied to the dock. The two thought the fish was just being active. They went fishing and came back.

When it was time to clean the walleye and take some pictures, they went to the dock and found the fish half eaten! The head was still attached to the stringer, but the bottom half of the fish was gone! The family didn’t know what had eaten the fish, but they decided it was a monster. The Poplar Lake Monster.

Several years passed with no other incidents.

Then one day, the family had two northern pike on a stringer, again tied to the dock overnight. The next morning, one of the pike was half eaten. The other was untouched. The Poplar Lake Monster struck again.

The family decided it was time to thwart the Monster. When they came back to Poplar Lake several weeks later, they built a cage out of lumber and chicken wire. It seemed to work for several days.

One night that week, the family caught another northern pike. It was about 19″ long. They were in no rush to clean it because they were expecting to catch more fish later that week. And indeed they did. But when they went to put the new fish into the cage, the northern pike from a few days ago was gone!

They examined the cage carefully and they only thing they saw that was out of the ordinary was a portion of the top hatch bent up. But it was only bent up about an inch and a half. How could something pull a 19″ fish out of such a small hole? Did the Poplar Lake Monster strike again? To this day, nobody knows.

So if you catch fish on Poplar Lake, and leave fish out overnight. Beware the Poplar Lake Monster!

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