Vermont State Record Walleye

Posted by MNAngler On February - 24 - 2010

Richard Levesque scored a new Vermont state record walleye when he caught a 14 ½ lb walleye through ice! He landed it on February 10th on Lake Champlain using a tip-up and golden shiner. Can you imagine pulling out that monster out of a 6″ diameter hole?

The picture above doesn’t look much like there would be ice on the lakes in Vermont. Levesque is in a light jacket, he has no gloves, and there’s no snow in sight. The picture would be very different if taken in Minnesota.

What I find amazing is that my friend and colleague caught a walleye in Northern Minnesota that was 1 ½ inches short of Levesque’s fish of 32 ½ inches. Minnesota’s state record is over 35″. I guess I’ll have to wait another few years before going after my friend’s walleye in order for it to be in contention for Minnesota’s state record.

Read the full story: New (Vermont) State Record Walleye Caught in Lake Champlain

Photo provided by Vermont Fish & Wildlife

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  1. MNAngler says:

    This article was picked up by the Chicago Sun Times:

  2. Raz says:

    There is snow in the picture! Sometimes we get a bunch, sometimes not. As you know, snow generally can be an obstacle when it comes to ice fishing, it does for me anyway.
    On February 10, 2010 when the fish was caught, it was a relatively mild day; 20°F was the low and 27°F was the high.
    I have another picture of Richard and his fish at

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