I’m Still Here

Posted by MNAngler On January - 18 - 2011

So I blinked and somehow 9 days passed since my last post. I haven’t done that since getting ready for the Lego League regional tournament. Granted, we are now getting ready for the state tournament that takes place a week from Saturday, but my team and I weren’t even working that hard. The time just went ‘poof.’

It’s amazing how time passes so fast some days/weeks. It wasn’t long ago that I was in the hospital for the birth of my kids, and they are now 10 and 5.

I just wanted to drop in to say this last week was not the beginning of the end. I’m still thinking about fishing and still wanting to write about it. I almost got on the ice this weekend for a Cub Scout ice fishing event, but my son sprained his ankle and we couldn’t go. He did, however, come in first in the Pinewood Derby for the Tiger Cubs. I’m hoping to get out this weekend with the neighbors, but if not, I may have another opportunity in a few weeks.

Stay tuned. In the words of the Terminator, “I’ll be back.”

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