Most Un-trophy Trophy

Posted by MNAngler On March - 22 - 2011

The Outdoor Blogger Network posted a photo prompt today that could not be ignored: Most Un-Frame Worthy Outdoor Photo, otherwise known as, “Smallest Fish” or “Most Un-trophy Trophy”.

Mine was this one:

Can you even see it???

It was caught at my dad’s cabin in Northwestern Wisconsin. We were there for Christmas and my brother wanted to do some ice fishing. We drilled some random holes and I caught this guy. I don’t even remember what I used as bait. It was my first ever ice fishing fish and was caught, according to the date of the pic, on Christmas Day. If you’ve followed my ice fishing adventures since then you know that I haven’t caught anything much bigger on the ice, but there’s always hope.

On a similar topic, I thought I would share the photo on the right from my fishing buddy, Dan. He was fishing the 12″ lure and caught a 6″ perch. He wasn’t sure if he caught it, or snagged it, but if it was a catch, it wasn’t the first time he saw a small fish attack a lure twice its size. Sometimes the little buggers just have a big fish complex. I hope the little fish with those attitudes are surviving because they would be a hec of a lot of fun to catch when they get bigger.

8 Responses to “Most Un-trophy Trophy”

  1. Sure beats anything I caught this winter!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Yes! I can see the little guy in your picture =) Gotta give the little spark credit for trying.

    Actually, you have to give HUGE points to the perch that tried to eat the lure twice his size. That’s a kickin picture! Over zealous big time.

    Glad you shared these, I’m still smiling ~

  3. At least the fish matches the size of the rod. :)

  4. bassdem says:

    Reminds me of the little 3.5-inch bass I caught on a 2-inch jitterbug. Big fish complex indeed.

  5. argosgirl says:

    A fish is a fish, doesn’t matter what size. I love the one that ate the lure twice his size…I admire the determination :)

  6. Hey, that fish made you smile…and that is what it’s all about!!!

  7. Mel says:

    That was not much of a Christmas present from the fishing Santa Claus! Better behavior should bring you bigger fish! Tee Hee

  8. MNAngler says:

    Thanx, all, for the comments. I love that picture of the perch with the lure twice its size. I’ve been looking for an excuse to share it.

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