Avid Angler Challenge – One Lure

Posted by MNAngler On October - 8 - 2012

The Avid Angler Challenge is a meme that issues a periodic challenge to frequent anglers. See the guidelines for how to answer the challenge.

In my first Avid Angler Challenge, I asked you to restrict yourself to five lures. Now I’m going to put the screws to you a little more, but ease up a bit on the restrictions:

If you could use only one lure for the rest of your life, which one would you choose? Your answer should follow the following guidelines:

  • A lure is anything that contains a hook, goes on a hook, or decorates a hook
  • A lure does not have any color restrictions
  • A lure does not have any size restrictions
  • A lure can be rigged multiple ways
  • A trailer can count as part of a lure, but the specific trailer must be specified, size and color do not
  • You don’t have to get brand specific–unless you want to
  • Live bait is allowed as a lure, but one species of live bait equals one lure (i.e. a fathead minnow, a sucker minnow, and a leech = 3 lures)
  • You can assume that you will have an unlimited supply of your lure for the rest of your life
  • If you typically target multiple species, you are still only allowed one lure for all species that you target, not one per species

As in the previous Avid Angler Challenge, please give us some context on the type of water you typically fish and what you typically target. It would also be helpful to understand why you chose the lure you did.

Leave a comment below with your answer, or if you publish a blog post with an answer, put a link to your post as a comment below.

My answer to come in the next few days.

6 Responses to “Avid Angler Challenge – One Lure”

  1. MSPbass says:

    GYCB Senko

    This was easier than the 5. You can fish a Senko in so many ways it’s ridiculous. Weightless worm, T-rigged, C-rigged, like a fast moving jerkbait or a topwater over pads & weeds. You can cast it, drag it, dropshot it or rig it on a shakeyhead. Flip it, pitch it and skip it under docks and trees. You can deadstick it and rig it wacky for tons of action. It’s the perfect bass bait.

  2. Jeremy says:

    I fully admit that slacked off on this one! But – better late than ever, right?


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