Minnesota Non-Winter

Posted by MNAngler On February - 19 - 2012

It’s been a crazy winter, or non-winter as the case may be, in Minnesota this year. Unlike last year when we had storm after storm and subzero temps, this year has been mild beyond belief with virtually no snow.

Here is how the Minnesota DNR Climatology Office ranks this year’s Twin Cities’ meteorological winter (December-February):

Warmest Avg. Temp.
1877-78 29.0 F
1930-31 26.9 F
2001-02 26.8 F
2011-12 26.3 F*

*Estimate including average temperature for February

Fewest days with subzero lows:
2001-02 2
2011-12 3*
1877-78 4
1930-31 5
2005-06 6

*Through Thursday, Feb 16

Least snowy (from July 1):
1930-31 14.2 in.
2011-12 15.3 in.*
1986-87 17.4 in.
1967-68 17.5 in.
1958-59 19.1 in.

*Through Thursday, Feb 16

The warm temps have scared me off the ice, although I heard metro lakes have about a foot of ice on them. That’s good enough for a 4-wheeler, but not enough for cars. But that hasn’t stopped people from trying. There have been a record number of cars needing to be pulled out of lakes.

Between the thinner ice and other activities (like Lego League), I’ve only been ice fishing once this year. Fortunately, I’ve registered for a tournament next Saturday. I’m looking forward to catching some ice crappie and, if I’m lucky, an ice Northern or walleye.

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