The MNRiverdageous Lunkerdooress Scavenger Hunt

Posted by MNAngler On April - 21 - 2011

When I started blogging almost 2 years ago, I thought I would be writing in a silo. I knew other bloggers were out there, but I did not expect to interact with them. Nor did I expect that they would welcome me to their community so openly. Because of this, I feel a responsibility to read and comment on blogs within that community.

As such, I started a blogroll of blogs I thought were interesting. Along the way, I picked up an RSS reader and expanded my subscriptions to more than 90. I stopped adding all of them to my blogroll because it was way too long. The blogroll became a list of my absolute favorites. I read all of the blogs in my blogroll regularly and if you aren’t familiar with one or more of there, I encourage you to check them out.

Being a fishing blogger, I have a closer affinity to other fishing bloggers. And in an attempt to expose you to some of these excellent blogs, I’ve teamed up with 4 of my fellow bloggers from across the country to offer a scavenger hunt contest. The participants are:

From Minnesota, l’il ol’ me:

Journal of a Minnesota Angler

From Pennsylvania:


From Illinois:

Lunker Hunt

From Utah:

The River Damsel

From Idaho:

The Outdooress

Forgive me if that sounded like an introduction from a Miss America pageant. And yes, I did notice that the other four are pretty hard-core fly fisher(wo)men. Don’t ask me how a basser got involved with fly-yielding folks. It just happened.

The contest is simple. Just visit each blog and find the answer to the question posed by each blogger below. We made an effort to make the answers easy to find, so if they are eluding you, try a different tact:

Journal of a Minnesota Angler:
“In which of my top adventures of 2010 did I catch my personal best largemouth bass?”

“I hate a specific day of the week. In fact I think it’s the worst day of the week. What day is it?”

Lunker Hunt:
“Which species of fish did I catch and then release without submitting for the state record it deserved?”

The River Damsel:
“I took ‘Idaho By Storm’ with Rebecca ‘The Outdooress’ and Cardboard Kirk…What did we have for lunch?”

The Outdooress:
“My first fly rod was a Redington Redstart. What was its nickname?”

Once you’ve found all the answers, send all 5 of them to me through my contact form or via email to ‘scavengerhunt[at]journalofamnangler[dot]com‘. But don’t stop there. Send the answers to the other participating bloggers, too! Go to their blog post about this contest, find their contact info, and you’ll be entered up to 5 times for the prize.

What’s that? I neglected to tell you what the prize is? From the generosity of our hearts, we’ll give the winner a $50 Cabela’s gift card to spend for your heart’s desire. Of course, we hope you feed your angling obsession, but you’re allowed to spend it on something else outdoors related.

So here is the summary of the rules:

  • Send all 5 answers to me, or any of the participating bloggers. See their post of this contest for their contact information.
  • You must answer all 5 questions correctly, as determined by each blogger, to qualify for the drawing.
  • You are allowed to send your answers to multiple bloggers, thereby increasing your chances of winning. So if you send your answer to all 5 of us, you get 5 entries.
  • We will put all the correct entries together, sort by date received and pick a winner using OBN‘s famous RNG.
  • Contest runs from today (April 21st) to 11:59:59.9 PM CDT, April 30th.
  • Contest winner must be from U.S. or Canada. Gift card will be in U.S. funds.

You’ll notice in my introductions above that I conveniently provided links to each blogger’s Facebook and Twitter pages (if it exists) in addition to their web site. I encourage you to check out each blog enough to know whether or not you’d like to follow their antics. If you do, subscribe to their RSS feed (via an RSS reader or email), “Like” them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter so you get updates when they post. Hec, do all three!

Sorry, no bonus entries for Facebook or Twitter followings, but we will be grateful.

Good luck!

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  2. Dustin Hasha says:

    Mine was sent to you. Thanks for having this

  3. Brian Davis says:

    I just submitted my answers, and enjoyed getting to know your blog in the process.

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